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About the Artist 

Nicola Hebson's work explores a surreal kind of anthropomorphism (the attribution of human characteristics or behaviour to an animal, or object.).  Using the mediums of taxidermy, paint, mixed media and clay she juxtaposes her unusual creatures to create strange scenes that tell an unlikely story, evoking a sort of morbid curiosity that is both whimsical and slightly disturbing. The taxidermy she creates also features as still life's in some of her paintings, as do many more otherworldly creatures and juxtaposed subject matters.

She also continuously creates one of a kind wearable art and accessories that go by the name of ''Dead Good Jewellery''..

The clue is in the name.

Hebson appears at festivals and markets up and down the country every summer, exhibiting large taxidermy displays and selling dead good jewellery and art, either with a portable stall or a full gazebo shop with the name ''Nicola Hebson's Curiosity Shop'' as well as trading on line to collectors all over the world.

Hebson currently lives and works from her studio flat in Clitheroe, in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire, UK.

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