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I create paintings that juxtapose the surreal with the anthropomorphic, i feel that there are inner beauties and beasts in all of us that show up in different ways and i love to explore that in my work. i am greatly inspired with the great circle of life and death and the mystery and magic that surrounds it all. The light and the dark, beauty and decay. I love to evoke an emotion with my paintings, be it morbid curiosity, laughter, strange arousement or mild horror. .  I am fascinated by the human relationship towards the subject of death, therefore 'memento mori' symbolism shows up in a lot of my pieces, as do the beauty and wonderment of nature in all its glory. I have also more recently started to explore more alien/ other worldly- like ideas in my work. 


I work in Acrylic, which has been my favourite medium since i graduated from my fine art degree in 2011. I like to paint in bold colours that are striking and visually appealing, My paintings are mostly done in a sort of pop surrealist style which is what comes most natural to me.


I sell my personal paintings, and i sell limited edition signed prints of them also which are available to buy on my etsy shop.


If you wish to enquire about a commission, exhibition opportunity or to purchase a painting, email me on

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