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Taxidermy Art

If i'm not on the a59 road scouting for roadkill, i'm in the woods looking for bones, mushrooms and interesting bits of rock and wood. If i'm not there, i am either bottom up in a skip rummaging for free materials destined for landfill... or i'm in the studio reworking my findings.

Some pieces where created as part of a commission, some pieces where just made from imagination, which is heavily influenced by fairy tales, folklore, nature, surrealism and animal totems. I love to create whimsical scenes that will fill the viewer with a sense of wonderment. Whenever i find a dead animal laying on the ground i believe that it is a gift from the universe. The animals spirit as already passed on and what remains is a shell, a beautiful natural shell which i can transform into art or something useful. I never EVER kill any creature for the sake of my work. I only forage for dead creatures and expired materials.  (sidenote: i also love to scavenge for food in the local bins!! )Click on the images to find out more about each piece. You can also follow my taxidermy page on facebook by clicking here.

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